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Wavelab is a digital audio editor and recording computer software application for windows. The wave lab is conducting several research projects that begin to address the impact that technology can have on the interview experience. It is the most basic equation for a wave v is the speed of the wave in meters per second, ms. Wavelab includes several useful tools for planning. To set up this lab, stretch a long slinky between two seated lab members. This pdf provides improved access for visionimpaired users. Slinky and the wave lab cornell center for materials. You will roll the ball into a designated spot on the wall in the lab. This lab will let you examine the relationships for the factors affecting the wavelength of a wave. To show tooltips, move the mouse over an interface icon. To find the relationship between the velocity and wave length of standing.

A longitudinal wave is a wave in which the particles of the medium are displaced in a direction parallel to the direction of energy transport. Insert the string in the slot on the top of the driver plug of the wave driver so the wave driver can cause the string to vibrate up and down. Standing alone in a field outdoors, electromagnetic waves in the form of. Calculate the frequency, period, wavelength, and speed of the wave. With a partner, find a spot on the floor and make a straight line about 1. Examine your sketches for the other standing waves. Hold one end while your partner holds the other end. Through the first part of the lab, i was able to see these waves. Waves on a string introduction a standing wave bridges the gap between our concepts of simple harmonic motion and waves. Use the diagram below to label the parts of the wave on your sketch. There are other resources for obtaining information about wavelab.

The frequency of this wave is defined as the first harmonic. The first one is a very general one that can be used for any type of wave. We additionally have the funds for variant types and then type of the books to browse. Name date period sierra vista unified school district. Record the time it takes for the wave to complete ten cycles. When you have completed your chosen lab, proceed to dropbox on the navigation bar and submit your work to the dropbox titled virtual sound lab. From your sketch, find an equation relating the wavelength of the standing wave to the length of the spring. There are quite a few equations that need to be discussed for the lab. Physics 211 lab b lab 12 standing waves what you need to know. The toolset includes a spectrometer, phase scope, and wave scope.

Oct 23, 2019 if you are trying to load your waves plugins in wavelab but you cannot find them, follow these instructions in order to make the plugins available. Pull a few coils of the spring to one side near one end of the spring. File type pdf waves slinky lab answer key wave properties waves slinky lab answer key wave properties right here, we have countless books waves slinky lab answer key wave properties and collections to check out. To send a wave pulse one single crest, a student holding the end should pluck the slinky with their free hand.

During this lab your students will use a slinky to represent various wave patterns. Second, there is a wavelab architecture guide which gives details about how wavelab is constructed and maintained. To open the help for the active dial og, click the question mark icon on the title bar windows or in the dialog mac os to show the. Housleys integrated and earth systems page at canyon view jr. Waves are ubiquitous in the ocean from water waves spanning from capillary waves to tsunamis to light and sound waves, from free waves those propagating away from a storm to forced waves tides, resonant response. Aug 31, 2012 a transverse wave is a wave in which the medium vibrates in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the traveling wave. The velocity, v in ms of a transverse wave on a stretch ed string depends on the tension, f in n, in the string and the mass per unit length, in kgm. V f fffff s ww 1 in any type of wave motion, the velocity of the wave v, can be found from the equation. The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of steinberg media technologies.

Wavelab 6 operation manual ftp directory listing steinberg. Middle school science waves lab ngss aligned by mrs van arsdale. Waves, simply put, are energy moving from one place to another. Question 9 try changing how fast you move your hand back and forth as you create a standing wave dont move it any further on the floor, but just faster what happens to the wavelength. By the end of the lab, youll understand the relationship between two properties of waves, frequency and wavelength. Wavelab is a comprehensive windows program specifically designed for data acquisition and analysis in wave laboratories. Use patch cords to connect the wave driver into the output jacks of the power amplifier. Change the rate of your vibrations until you can see three humps in the wave. Slinky wave lab by ghielene fetiza single wave observation back and forth observation the slinky went end to end the slinky wavelength was short the frequency is fast frequency. The documents are located in the documentation folder. First, there is the wave l ab r efer enc e, a rather long do cumen t giving details ab out all the functions and scripts contained. First, there is the wave lab reference, a rather long document giving details about all the functions and scripts contained in the package.

The nodon micro smart plug can be controlled by a zwave or zwave plus home automation gateway or directly through others z 46. The wavelength of this wave is the distance between two crests or between two troughs. The places where the wave is moving the most are called antinodes. For a longitudinal wave, you have to push and pull the slinky, while for the transverse waves, you swing the slinky sidetoside or upanddown. You will utilize a slinky to model earthquake waves, learn the speed, direction and behavior of different waves which tell scientists about earthquakes. A standing wave occurs when a wave interferes with itself. Note the places on your standing wave that do not move. We can make both compressional and transverse wave types.

Question 8 make a standing wave by moving your hand faster than you did. In this lab, youll be learning about waves using a slinky. A wave can be described as an energy disturbance that travels through a medium from one location to another. As the wave moves through the medium water, slinky, air, energy is being passed from one particle to the next. Place the wave driver under the string near the vertical support rod. P wave is the fast wave and can be called a pushpull wave, because it moves by contracting and ex.

How to make a lift bill nye waves sign in with lausd account if it doesnt work bill nye ocean currents. Name date period lab report title purpose the purpose of this lab is to find out which type of slinky wave travels the fastest. Sep 27, 2018 create audio samples or complete compositions by recording tracks, customizing their volume and bitrate, analyzing output loudness, recreating missing bits, etc. This takes you to the help in adobe acrobat format extension. Release the coils and observe the motion of the spring. Multiple effects from the builtin library are applicable.

Slinky wave lab background a wave can be described as an energy disturbance that travels through a medium from one location to another. Cristina bachmann, heiko bischoff, christina kaboth, insa mingers, matthias obrecht, sabine pfeifer, benjamin. In addition, as the features and characteristics of these technologies change so do the psychological implications for both applicants and interviewers. Phys 101 we are literally awash in waves every day. To open the manual in pdf format, browse to the installation folder. Lab proceduresstudent worksheet lab key teacher notes students will need to have an understanding of longitudinal and transverse waves as well as the amplitude, frequency, and wavelength of a wave. Slinky lab simulating the motion of earthquake waves. On a smooth floor, stretch the slinky out between you and your partner, to a length of about four meters. The purpose of the lab is to study the types of waves and their properties using a slinky. Standing in a crowded room, sound waves travel to our ears from many different sources, and many of those bounce off of the walls, ceiling and floor on the way. Since i see two complete waves, that means that there have been 2 waves per second, so the frequency is 2 waves per second. What you need to know california state university, fullerton.

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