Fireface 400 user manual

Up to 56 channels recordplayback, up to 192 khz sample rate, and true firewire 800 sum up to an unsurpassed highend, high performance and high speed. The models that will benefit from this update include the rme fireface 400 and fireface 800. It provides a multitrack recorder, calculates the level meters peak and rms in. Problems can be solved by reading the rme fireface 400 users manual information. Numerous unique features as well as rmes robust drivers enable a quick, efficient and comfortable operation of the digiface usb. Operation and usage settings dialog dds fader for fine modification of the basic sample rate. Optional fireface 800 synchronisation module external monitoring remote for fireface 802, ufxucx, madiface xt and others.

User manual fireface 400 manual rme adi8 qs brochure rme hdspe expresscard data sheet brochure rme. I know this isnt the best place to ask this, but the rme forum is less than responsive. Visit full compass systems for downloadable easy to understand instructions and additional support. Buy rme fireface 800 hiperformance fw audio interface, 24 bit192 khz, 56channel. Fireface 400, fireface 800, fireface 802, fireface uc, fireface ucx, fireface ufx, fireface ufx ii. Now i see these basic modern ways to get things done with fireface 400. For the flexibility and sound quality you demand, count on the rme fireface ucx hybrid interface. You can also discuss and ask your questions about rme fireface 400 below. Fireface 800 read user manual online or download in pdf format. Rme fireface 800 hiperformance fw audio interface, 24 bit. System requirements windows 2000 sp4, windows xp, windows xp 64, mac os x 10. Two 5pin din connectors provide the first midi input and output. My choice was taken in a studio after this cards very clear that some are even too light.

Usb and firewire audio interface 24 bit, 192 khz, incl. According to the manufacturer, the fireface 400 is not just the little brother of the fireface 800. Manual rme driver cd 1 optical cable toslink, 2 m 6. The compact fireface uc has been uncompromisingly optimized for highest performance under windows and mac os. The box is built as a half rack unit and if you want you can buy rack ears so that you can mount it in a 19 rack. The manual is a bit heavy to digest and the philosophy of totalmix may. Dsp mixer with eq, dynamics and reverb, 4 analog mic preamps with gain control, remote control for inputs via software, 8 analog inputs and outputs bal.

For mac users thunderbolt thunderbold to firewire 800 adapter firewire 800 to 400 cable fireface firewire. What we think the rme fireface uc continues the winning streak for rme with a usb version of the extremely popular fireface 400. The fireface ucx from rme is a usbfirewire digital audio interface that provides thirtysix channels of audio eighteen inputs and outputs with all channels available simultaneously. Rme audio fireface 800 digital recording interface for sale. The above note on pci is not an error in this manual. Accessories rme audio fireface 400 user manual 91 pages. While the firewire 800 port offers no improvements over the 400 port in terms of performance with just one fireface connected, performance can suffer if you start daisychaining multiple firewire devices, such as hard drives, with a fireface on one 400 buss, whereas you wont run into these issues when using the fireface on an 800 buss. The rme fireface 400 is the first really good audio interface that i have owned and its been working flawlessly for about 5 years now. Icc intelligent clock control not only displays every clock status, but will also retain the last valid input sample rate in case of failure of the external source. View the manual from rme, which is categorized in the professional audio category.

Features such as eq, echo, reverb and dynamics will still only be available on the new, more powerful models such as the fireface 802, ucx and ufx, but all upgraded models will now be able to use and enjoy a range of new features including. The clever user interface is informative and clearly laid out. Downloads rme audio interfaces format converters preamps. The fireface mixer, called total mix, displays all 18 input and output channels plus a further 18 extra playback tracks, and provides the user with mixer controls for all of the above. Now come to a significant step up since then, the rme fireface ucx. After installation connect computer and fireface 400 using the supplied firewire cable.

Like already known from the fireface ucx and ufx and indeed using the same matured driver family the fireface 802 combines usb 2. News products downloads support buy community company. A broad point of contact may lead to inaccurate pointing. In terms of software, the fireface 400 package includes several 400 optimised programs which were originally developed for the 800 and other rme hardware. Based on a newly developed rme hammerfall core the fireface uc provides revolutionary ultralow latencies even with multiple channels. For pc users pc laptops with expresscards or 94 ports are not actual, so we dont look there. Rme fireface uc usb audio interface user manual pdf what we think the rme fireface uc continues the winning streak for rme with a usb version of the extremely popular fireface 400. Fireface 400, latest manual for fireface 400, version 2. The fireface ucx features 2 micpre, 2 instrumentline, 4 linein and 6 analog line out. In terms of software, the fireface 400 package includes several 400optimised programs which were originally developed for the 800 and other rme hardware. Much of the early discussion surrounding this device has focussed on the ufx acting as a dual usbfirewire interface. Support for fireface 400, newer fireface 800 drivers, hdsp series wdm driver.

The fireface 802 has been uncompromisingly optimized for highest performance under windows and mac os. Rme audio fireface 800 digital recording interface for. Like its cousin, the uc, the ufx carries the torch of the enduring fireface product line. Rmes fireface 800 revolutionized the world of firewire audio interfaces. Rmes fireface 800 is seen as reference by users and editors, when talking about firewire audio and mobile recording. Fireface adat 9 bis 16 windows now installs the driver of the fireface and registers it as a new audio device in the system. The fireface 800 is the worlds most powerful firewire audio interface ever.

Some of the above are offering a suite of free software recording and processing tools, as well as 192khz operation, but word clock is slightly less common. The fireface 802 is a highly integrated pro audio solution, a fullblown studio, all within a 19 enclosure. View and download rme audio fireface 400 user manual online. The main thing for me was the sound quality, i was more then happy with this, the 400 punches well above its weight and sounds excellent. For a geek like me, its awesome, but i dunno about the layperson. Audio interfaces free delivery possible on eligible purchases. The rear panel of the fireface 400 features four analog inputs, six analog outputs, the power. Users guide fireface 400 portable firewire at its best. It makes access to every feature and configuration mode of the babyface pro intuitive and easy to use. The rme fireface 400 interface demonstrates high professional audio quality. The latest plug and play technology guarantees a simple installation, even for the inexperienced user.

The 400 is really straight forward to use and i didnt need the manual once. Digiface usb rme audio interfaces format converters. When the touch screen is less sensitive to the touch, you can perform screen. Support for fireface 400800 with totalmix fx gearslutz. The fireface 400 is not just the little brother of the fireface 800 it is a completely newly designed device. Babyface pro fs rme audio interfaces format converters. Madiface xt rme audio interfaces format converters. We have 2 rme audio fireface 400 manuals available for free pdf download.

Users guide fireface 800 the most powerful firewire audio interface ever. Users guide fireface ufx the most powerful firewire and usb audio interface ever. Firewire audio by rme is seen as the reference by both users and editors. Rmes fireface uc continues the fireface legacy, but this time trades in firewire for usb. Great sound, great specifications, and rock solid performance all combine to make a perfect small format, portable interface for the professional or critical. Rme fireface400 audio interface 192k 24bit fireface400. Downloads, latest and older drivers, product manuals, tools, desktop wallpapers and demos. An interface designed for users who dont want to make compromises in sound, stability and ultralow latency operation, and who long for an unrivaled professional feature set. I would highly recommend the ff 400 to anyone in the market for a firewire.

Length of time for the volume decrease of the reverb signal. I have installed the drivers which came in a folder with the fireface settings panel and totalmix apps, but they arent installed. It features two, low distortion, digitally controlled microphone preamps with up to 65 db of gain, excellent signal to noise ratio, and a flat frequency response. Rme fireface 400 user guide can be downloaded by clicking on rme fireface 400 users manual. With this all selected solos can be switched off and kanual again.

We provide a comprehensive list of recording interface manuals for troubleshooting. The fireface 800 offers the best worked out instrument input that could ever be found in an audio interface, a high power headphone output and signaltonoise ratios of 119 dba. Rme audio fireface 400 digital recording interface for. Rme fireface ucx 36channel usbfirewire audio interface. J ve added a quadmic with 4 preamps whose inputs are provided on the fireface, which gives. There are no tonal distortions, a good detailing level. Rme fireface ucx usb firewire interface sweetwater. Pc desktops is the best way, as randyman mentioned.

It is the only device in its class with active jitter suppression, standalone functionality, complete controllability from the. Using a newly developed rme hammerfall core, the fireface uc is capable of superlow latencies when running multichannel audio. Operation of the device is limited to the manual use same type of fuse only. I have been a big fan ever since the first product i have used, the fireface 400. View and download rme audio fireface 800 user manual online. Groups of selected faders can be controlled by the devices rotary encoder. Recording interface manuals march 15, 2017 rme 0 comment. Totalmix checks whether the window position is visible or not on any of the attached displays. Rme audio fireface 400 digital recording interface for sale.

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