6gj5 tube data booklet

The 6j5p pentodes are miniature devices enclosed in glass bulb and are provided with a sevenpin base, rigit leads. Several construction issues were considered in the building of this amplifier. But the old radio meets are probably a better source of getting them where they maybe arent already beat to. The cost of the 6gj5 in much lower than either the 6jb6 or the 6146. This chinese ef86 6267 tube type is commonly called a 6j8 tube in china. Valve, made in england, new in original old type box. I imagine they figured it could have similar characteristics of the 6l6 beam power with similar output power capability, but with a top cap for the plate, since the flyback transformer in tvs tends to generate high voltage spikes in the plate circuit of the tube, and to place the plate along with other pins. Not sure about the 6gj5 tube but years ago many times we ran 6je6 tubes in the drake transmitters. Tdsl tube data sheet locator indicates the following tubes are equivalents. Substitutes are given as a guide only please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application.

Tube possible substitute western substitute ec86 6s3p, 6s4p 6cm4 ec88 6s4p 6dl4 e80cc 6n1p, 6n3p ecc82 6n1p, 6n5p 12au7 ecc83 6n2p ecc803, 6l, 12ax7 ecc85 6n3p 6l12, 6aq8 ecc189 6n23p 6es8 ecc802s 6n1p ev, 6n5p ecc82, 12au7wa, 6067 ecc803s 6n2p ev ecc83, 12ax7wa, 6057 ecc960 6n3p, 6n15p e90cc. With almost datasheets and the visitor counter indicates over 4000. Try to find 3 or 4 new tubes of the same type and match them up in the circuit. Description the 6j5p 65 hightransconductance pentode has been designed for h. Russian 6s5s tubes equivalents to the 6c5 6c5gt the bid is for 4 russian tubes in individual boxes. But the old radio meets are probably a better source of getting them where they maybe arent already beat to death tubes. Lots of those and the 6jb6 ones can be picked up at the ham fests. Requires overall length seated height diamete r electrical data t6 12 miniature button 9pin. Tube 6gj5 or rohre 6gj5 id4875, beam power tube, magnoval 9pins, b9d and poweroutput shown. Triode u a 450 v u g2 450 v w a 30 w pentode u a 500 v u g2 450 v w a 30 w grid no 1 circuit resistence fixed bias 0,1 m.

The 76 and 6p5 are the same tubes with different bases 5 pin and octal respectively. Have you priced a matched pair of 6jb6s for your drake. Apparently the 6c5 came first, and the 6j5 is an improved version. I had always wondered why these two types of tubes existed, with such similar characteristics. This is a suitable replacement for any 6j5 6j5g 6j5gt 6j5wgt triode tube type. Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details. Here youll find manufacturers data sheets and curves for many popular and some not so popular electronic valve types. Wcox056107b watercooled packaged chillers with helical. I wouldnt expect to get a real idea of the quality of a tube type from two random used tubes.

British made by gec in hammersmith uk, this is the best sounding 6j5gt 6j5wgt triode tube type. Bold designators are close or identical, italic designators are different ratings, different pinouts or different filament voltages. If you need more than the quantity available, please email us at. They are good quality and found in many chinese amps and preamps. Among the full equivalents for the 6j6 tube are many variants of the 6j6 itself. If you cant find what you need here, try duncans tube data sheet locator. Note especially the space and clearance requirements necessary for servicing the unit. The shuguang chinese 6j8 is direct replacement of ef86 6267. Our preferred method of payment is via wire transfer of funds. Triode pentode u a 450 v 500 v u g2 450 v 450 v w a 10 w 14 w grid no 1 circuit resistence fixed bias 0,1 m. Substitute data application 9dx preferred substi tutes subs ti tutes 6ly8 6eb8 6w8 6gn8 6je8 neonoval type with frame grid pentode used in color and bw tv receivers. The 6146 tube is slightly less in cost than the 6jb6. Theres more than one place the modification shows up. The 6bg6 was used in a lot of early postwar tvs as the horizontal output tube.

Singl tube pushpull u a 250 v 270 v u g2 250 v 270 v u g1 14 v 17,5 v i a 72 ma 4 ma i g2 5 ma 11 ma r a 22,5 k. The triode is used as a voltageamplifier or sync separator tube, and the pentode is used as a videoamplifier tube. Three electrode gas tube surge arrester part number. High power supply voltages, large and leaky inductive components, and high temperatures are among these considerations. Ive seen the ads saying the 6ju6 tube is a substitute for the 6bj6 tube used in the drake transmitter equipment. Three electrode gas tube surge arrester sankosha u. From a european sylvania tube application data sheet.

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