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Sindinglarsenjohansson slj disease is an overuse injury of the knee. Sinding larsen johansson syndroom fysiotherapie4all. Acute presentation of sindinglarsenjohansson disease simulating. Any information contained in this pdf file is automatically generated from digital. Links to movies, ppt slideshows and any other multimedia files are not. The sinding larsen johansson syndrome has a pathogenesis similar to that of the osgoodschlatter disease and the two disorders sometimes occur simultaneously. Sindinglarsenjohansson syndrome is characterized by inflammation of the kneecap. Several sportrelated conditions affect the distal pole of the patella in. Sinding larsen johansson disease slj, also known as sindinglarsen disease or larsenjohansson syndrome, affects the proximal end of the patellar tendon as it inserts into the inferior pole of the patella it represents a chronic traction injury of the immature osteotendinous junction.

Sindinglarsen johansson disease slj sports medicine. Sinding larsen johansson syndrome is caused by increased tension and pressure on the growth center. Enfermedad sinding larsen johansson doctor villanueva. Sindinglarsenjohansson disease radiology reference. Quadriceps and hamstring stretching are recommended to help with tight muscles. The sinding larsen johansson syndrome is caused by increased tension and pressure due to repetitive traction by the patellar tendon on the lower pole of the patella still partly cartilaginous in adolescents during. Resonancia magnetica en las anomalias del tendon rotuliano epos. This pressure usually results from overuse of the knee repetitive running and jumping. It is a closely related condition to osgoodschlatter disease. Having tight quadriceps muscles in the front of the thigh also puts pressure on this growth center and may make this condition more likely to occur. Sindinglarsen and johansson syndrome, named after swedish surgeon sven christian johansson 18801959, and christian magnus falsen sindinglarsen. Volume 56, issue 5, septemberoctober 2012, pages 354360. A rare occurrence of sinding larsen johansson syndrome with osgoodschlatter disorder in a nigerian child. Diagnosis of sindinglarsenjohansson disease may not be an easy task.

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